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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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, opleheso towy knt whathey go are ding to fo onarebruy ."23rdst weidrup saif that be memrs nt wage to vot in, lvedthey ldshouta conhect tho wasune cotyre anpublicua headqtorters sign up . la and eest wvak neocda demrats il unve ned aooew ttol help rsvoteeg pre-rfoister r r thei ocaucusbrn fe 2uary0-th. blavaila oe only, n-linecaucus ex s preshecan oulp yd finout inwhere ne your hoighborod the mvoting ieetingg s beinheld. m pa, du preecthe exe utiv re di octore f thcrdemo paticartyof e washotycounys, saar they e ng makias it as ey osas pe sibl vofor o ters tipparticate in ithistamportent s tp inhe onelectiss proce. pa e m dupr t"we'resthe fir in we the ast, wehere tt mosdi e versheof tly ears caucu at stndes aso m thepeore urople tt n outhe mo gere we dat nevae on thmap as in be ig veryntmportaer - a vy po imt rtann stop irothis pcessin at nominr ing ouenpresidt y ife ou'rreinteyosted, u can nd fire the ptr-regisn atioform t at cheirs aucuesexprbss weite. doyou h nottoave c uses-aucu
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t inebhe fy ruarh 20-tcrdemoatic uscaucut - b m youreust ergist a asoc demonrat e sitouif y're no aft lafitewid tth phetyar fo s r linkh to bots party' eswebsitca... eucus..xpress. or oa listf ca ocucus l, ationso head t n k-t-v-andot d icclonk he tbl ewue ns s link. button thand wiev the nucada causes le n ss thanttwo moy,hs awa spleasethtay wiel channew 2 ns iron ane, onlion, and oo facebk d anr twittentfor coinuing ve co oragempf cagnai0- 2. 16 owthe snci we reaseved lt t nighs hamesince ndlted a w nowvee ha a inbreak ea the w atherghs hipr sessure iettleswin. it ll in rema over fo calihrrnia tueough tsday. s high athisonfternoa were few
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. normale we hav csomeloud r covelain pugce thollh. we' se cre a deease in cocloud erver ov mnight,aking slfor a cightlystooler art on ay mond. mocorning wimmute ll be go good to m . stors systemstays rt noh toof us . morrow lo aroking heound t.. worldit poalian relice ati invesgating e thofdeath er an amomican wanin
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stheyyeay 35- aar-oldrtist hl aseney olsou was feand dd inhe arr apt tmeneryestday.of alficiy s sae they'rl stil g waitinanfor op auto sy t co nfhoirm e w sh..died.butit n aliaa medihesay atr deh is in beveg inatstigs ed aa mi ho. cide ey tho alssasay r y heriboyfend an lad her fndlord houndoder by, teafr dnshe han 't beefrheard omfo ysr dase. ols n wa sfrommeumr ha fven,dalori . a daysorfter neath korim claed es it thyted a bdrogen tomb,he re u-s desponthd wipl a disay of ta milihtry migth on ree koan ulpeninsa.a omb-52 bomber frse andern air rc fo ie base fn guamerlew ov vi the ocinity, f osanh sout a kore ttoday. phe u-sicacif an comm id saidint was po resnse h nortkorea. pe exdorts rtubt noa'h kores thclaim teat it n sted a, h-bombt buh nortankore bs haveeen ce inlebrat bg. thes -52 wajoined t by5 wo f-1r fighte- jets -one om fr-s the uot, the omher fr h sout ikorea,own a sh of thstrenge of thceallianbe n tweetwthe coo ieuntrs. il
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:3at 6ac0, jttk suhoon souws y w ho ssnowtoculprers cate r thei gi ma "c at lcave" ake.'sthat
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
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dslide, gip and wlidingith idconfceenth, cie otizensf it whe pi ntne cou ty takeeno froz "cave ke lawi" for unntry f. jacksu astton h s the otoryinf carvg i ice,ghn tonivat's neda ro backads. r aftendthe laup rose and
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nd grouck shore and c pated alace for ca lak"t iodayres fi i andvece et nt aca akve late strke paat. whdo we he snre is cuow srslptoon go to icthe d e and builptscul ouresutof w, snoe likscice urulptes but ofout w. snolk" wa iing once t migh ahearp deelemuffd inboomung ooderfhat. tt's aicert gn toouet yter atn.ntio rathe s ngerthsay nat'sl.orma"t oohe brems aoo a gind thg.wh onen dea't hytr an ihingens wh it bas id.igce rowht n12 is o t i 18s nchek,thicen dep odingn wh yoere tu onakhe le e. whaveat unvs rning ndaroung brigeing o ar sits typlenin safe ce the in ." eveon dasunny 'lys youndl fim fro di or anaryitctivouies ret he on th oze fraken lthe. "biese g ev aents bre acoig ec nomit.boos a asge rans r itt greaeeto spe
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caer, rnlifoouia sn ther va neevda, omen se in atternllionapey, sg ndinthe y datsoue idttgeg innoto kw tunare."re inportomg fr p whiteine un cockty, jan, suttonn chawoel t ws ne. ormeteisologget anchla silling h willloave a yook at urre foatcast lther in ..e show. t but,firs n thestewest s ar warmo e vi tisg akinov terhe xygala--er white profcos are nencerd. 'l wevel ha t lheesatfit gures
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omin w moneyatch.. w starhears: tce forke awans itfaced hes tougesst tt at e thenweekofd box .bfice..ut it st meill caut o nbeumr one. wethe nensst imetallthnt in e r "sta" warschfraneaise rned -p41ointil-6 m dlionlaolrs, to ppg in0-the 80n-milliodollar dmarkesomcatiy.ll b ity arel oheldeoff lo narddi iocaprew's nie move "th na reve wnt",chhied debut in se wcond38ith on milli t. withhe lp hea of rdrecout debch in ina, he "tor fwace ake" ns nisow e thirthhid-ghgrest-sios mngieov dwworlinide ff box oice hi orst..y. tinraillyg on it "t" anic"aand r.vata" thand rce fo de isitefinwiely th rr ha fison hord!s e hanow segrosred moth at s e u-box fi ofhace ty n anr other,actoac incord bg toffox omoice jo. hfordroas b iughtoun abt in4-pobit-7 n llioardoll ts athe
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rt pa t, toighe bce sucf ss o r "sta: warsfothe awrce s.aken" fo umrd bsaped lmuelck. jatoson ndsecoce plam . tos,hankga morn fr n eemaedand mudie rrphyound t outothe . p five lohow llw wiol gasprine giceso eathis yr? r motoriclub tpuple-a odts tay's onnativeal a prage friceor ga a ollonguf reunlar edlead gasat la a dolfor-96. tlks inen he soutrns stateyiare pang a ardollor-75 u less.aysa tod dotco rtm repooms in sese stat, a ll gareon of hagular pes dropd toa -4dollar2! ngtumbliri oil pcoces edmbin s withretrong cfineryitapacy d coulhepush tce priga of s to a ar dolllo a galomn in ss.e area hthatt asn'enhappined sce19 -99. co actording dd gasbucoy dot m,e thstcheapepr reno tice iswo s dollar34and ts cene at thsc diasount gri on yoe avenuand staylortreet. e thstcheape i priceonn carsty cio is tws dollarniand ne acents,mbt a nuster of . ationsth dae nevage avera ilis edst as tw
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e the snow wedrecievt last nighha e s sinc amelted wnd nowe have ea a brhek in ter weathgh as hi suprestlre set ies in.t willre omainver ca rnlifoouia thrsdgh tueay. hi isghs ther aft wnoonfeere a w gr deloees bew . normale we hav csomeloudco inver ce plah. thoug we'll se cre a den ease icocloud ver er ov mnight,g akina for lyslightol corter sta on mo . ndayinmornutg comm be wille o good torgo. stemm systs s stay ofnorth mo us to. rrowrefutucastow she s thstjet taream syingrt nos h of ud anngblockito any sterm sysmsto te migrait in. wh high
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promsure cales vley ve in, rsionswiwhich ncll ie reas ay mondue and tbusday. odrn ce is f green. or nowdaseven y sh teows urmperatthes in e low 40 in's durdag the upy and per 's 20gh at niext. nort sts m comeon sd wedneryay. ve lasimi wr to shat wet aw laswe paek. imbocting nith morng enand evaving trweel. hover, sn the reow we lcievedghast nit ha e s sinc ameltedownd nha we ve a inbreak ea the ws ther ahighes pr ssureesettlt in. iwillma rer in ove fo cali trniaghhrouay tuesd. hi isghs thno aftereron wfee a w de begrees low no
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pver inholace t wugh.e'll a see eadecrn se i d clour coveghoverniint, makg r fohta sliglely coot r staronmo . ndayg mornine commute will bgo good to m . stors systemstays h nort s of uowtomorrre. futuhocast sws t the je sstream ntaying oorthf usan ocd bl akingtony sysrm stemsto ra mign.te ih withigh su presesre comll vaerey inv wsions,ilhich wl ea incrdase montuy and esday. rn bue cod g is freenowor nn . seveday ow shers temp iatureslon the w
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gean'slaer h ae with l finalook at fo your ..recastn ..seveda s y showattemper iurese n th lo 'sw 40in durdag the y and up 'sper 20gh at nit t. nexstorm
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to hedoes tll smefr of a yeshl boprund taesentionll fiit you wmih optism? ou do yyo love elur wir ess rdkeyboa t morerthan cefaain mily s?member ouis yesr succtos due in a fil g osystemyonly deu un?rstand ridoes pfrnting ouom yr ettablto r youlewireriss pnter gi ouve yol a j ct ofdeonfince? sifouo, y b mayare gericentc. soe meonknwho owats th r the ightof eafice gr he u lps yoatdo greng this. thand onere's e e placatth h as llit a.
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fo and rd. o we ghefurto r, ca ta>> whihiker: tths was te firsce faw we sar afteinlandg. at thyr's sprian enesidsht baar -a al.ssadth e is oncsywas a irrian a.port e sincsuthe , mmerruthe nsssia bhave builtckarraros, b iughtn 0 4,00onpers pnel, raved,oadsll rotred in dsuckloa of enequipmmut and s,nition ngerecti a bf it oiarussth in ehe
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